Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Play Dates

Not only did I get to hang out with my mom for the past two weeks, I also got to have some fun play dates!

Here is my new friend Cooper.   He's mommy's friend Becky's son.   He was born October 6th, so I'm a little bit older.   We got to hang out for a little bit while Mommy caught up with Becky and Mark.   It was great to make a new boyfriend!   He lives in Vegas, so I probably won't see him for a little while... Come back and visit again soon Cooper!

The next day we had another play date!   This time my buddies Owen and Amelia came over!   We had a great date... that lasted ALL afternoon!   We all played together and even took turns napping.  


 Amelia even let me taste her sock.   I was very interested. 

 We love Owen!


I'm looking forward to more play dates... hopefully soon!

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