Thursday, March 3, 2011

9 months old

Look who is nine months old!

I love pulling myself up to stand!

Such a big girl! 

I want those letters!  Forget a picture!
 Age - 9 months old

Height: 27 in. tall (50th percentile)

Weight:  19 lbs. 13 oz. (60th percentile)

Diaper Size - 3

Shoe Size - 3

Clothing - Size 12 months.  Some 12-18 month stuff because her 6-12 month stuff is too short on her.  

Sleeping habits -  We had a bit of a hiccup in our Lovely Little Lilabug's sleeping habits this past month due to teeth, a sinus infection, side effects from antibiotics, etc.   Needless to say, we were all a little short on sleep.   Luckily, we're back to sleeping through the night.  We also made a big change this past week and that is if she wakes up in the middle of the night, I am no longer feeding her.  Mike will go in, give her a kiss, then tell her to go back to sleep.  He's only had to to that once so far.   She still gets her night time bath, nurses, then three books, then it's bedtime.  She's usually asleep between 6:45-7:00 p.m.    She also has been sitting up in her crib and just this past week standing... that little dare devil! :)
Sometimes I sleep with my butt straight up in the air!

Sometimes I sleep in a yoga "forward fold".

Sometimes I sleep in my car seat.

Every once in awhile I even nap on my mommy!

Eating habits- Solid foods three times a day and nursing or taking a bottle of pumped milk four times a day.  She is starting to really like feeding herself with bananas, avocados, and other foods we cut into bite size pieces.  She's also getting meat twice a day too now.   We are going to introduce red meat this weekend!   Lila still loves and her rice rusks (Baby Mum Mum).
I'm having a bottle with my daddy!
Mmmm... puffs!
I want more puffs mom!
Yum Yum!

Favorite activity - Lila still loves being in the pool, however she's loving playing with all her toys and crawling around the living room.   She also loves crawling in her diaper around her room before bath time while we get her bath ready.   Lila loves her friends at Miss Sue's and is playing with them more and more all the time.  
Hanging with Daddy before bath time.

Playing in my ball pit.

Playing with my friends at Miss Sue's house!

Waving and smiling at myself in the mirror.... I love me!

Driving in my car... beep beep!
I can clap!

Cutest Moment of the Month -Lila is really becoming more interactive and responding to different cues and seeing different people.  I think that she can smile and giggle when we play with her and gets excited to see us and other people really is the cutest thing....  we went to a music class on President's Day and she was so excited to be around other kids and loved the music.   She truly is a happy baby!

  • Crawling with no belly on the floor
  • Clapping
  • Waving
  • First Valentine's Day
  • First Tooth... and then a second!
  • Standing in her crib
  • Pulling herself up to standing
  • First antibiotic - and first allergic reaction!   
  • First blizzard
  • Hair bows!