Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Love your favorite Ladybug!

My first trick or treating house!  Our next door neighbor, Mary!

On to the next one!

I can't wait to get to the next house!

Trick or Treat!

My bag is getting a little heavy...

Boo!  Please?!?

Family Shot

Family Shot

Sorting Out My Goodies!

What is this one?


Count them back into my bag!

Count them back into my bag!

It's a lot of counting...

I got almost 40 pieces of candy...

A tootsie roll!   I think I will like them!

Maybe I can hide them and no one will notice...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My first PRCC Halloween Party!

Mimi invited Lila to her first PRCC Halloween Party!  Although many of the activities were for big kids, Lila still had a blast.  She loved riding the train, eating a spooky lunch, and dancing to the DJ on the Dance Floor!  She also got a balloon animal ladybug made for her and went in the haunted dining room.  It was lots of fun!  Thanks for taking us Mimi!

Choo Choo!  Here comes the train!

Riding the train with Mimi!

I want to go again!

Num Num... Lunch!

I think I'll hang on the dance floor...

Trying to keep with all of the big kids' moves!

Dancing with the big kids!

Back on the train... with my new balloon creature ladybug bracelet!

Our Lilabug!

I could ride the train with my ladybug all day! :)

Gobberts Pumpkin Farm

Yesterday, we headed to Gobberts for our annual pumpkin farm trip with the Schaab family.  We were happy to have The Lewis Family join us as well!   We had great weather and lots of fun! 

I'm ready for the pumpkin patch!

I am looking for a good one!

Nana is helping me find a good pumpkin.

Walking with my Grandpa... he is really tall.

We brought my awesome wagon!  It was fun to ride in with Baby E!

Me and mommy, rocking.

Mommy really liked these pumpkins!

I liked these!


The big chair was a little scary for me....

So was this horse...  I didn't like it...

We had a great day!

Apple Picking

This year the three of us went apple picking to Twin Lakes, WI.  We had a blast and got to pick some tiny apples before the rain came.  

Lila enjoyed eating or trying to take a bite out of each apple she picked.  We had a fabulous time!