Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My First Swimming Lesson

Now, as you know, I'm no stranger to the pool... I actually love the water!   One of my newest favorite songs is... Baby Shark... do do do do do... Baby Shark... do do do do do do... ask my Daddy if you want him to sing it for you, he's awesome at it.  Since I LOVE the water, Mommy signed us up for swimming lessons at the Park Ridge Community Center.   They are 1/2 hour every Saturday.   Our first one was this past Saturday.  I love the water so was very excited once we got into the pool!   There were some other babies in my swimming class with their mommies and daddies but I was the only girl.   There was one little guy that was younger than me but most of the other swimmers are already one year old.  We did lots of different things in 1/2 an hour, but my favorite was "Humpty Dumpty" when we "jumped" into the pool off the the ledge!  Don't worry, mommy was right there with me.   There was lots of swimming and singing... so I was in heaven since I love those two things!   I even tried to dance a little while I was swimming!    Mommy waited until the end of class to try, but I even went under water twice.   I get a little nervous but then mommy is right there and I smile once I open my eyes.  

Mommy and Daddy thought it was funny that some grandmas from the pool exercise class even came to check out and watch our class, and they kept ohhing and ahhing over everything we did.  They wanted to see me when class was over so they crowded around me and mommy as we were walking though the locker room.   They were VERY friendly!  

I can't wait for next Saturday!!!

Checking out what's going on...

Singing in the pool

Floating on my back

Floating on my Belly

Playing with mommy's necklace while she sings

A successful first swimming lesson

Napping with Auntie Libby after my lesson.  Pop Pop took out his camera and suddenly I perked up!  

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