Sunday, January 9, 2011

My First Christmas!

I do realize that Christmas seems like it was forever ago, however I never got to tell everyone about my first Christmas!   Mommy, Daddy, and I were VERY busy.   On Christmas Eve we went to church, then had dinner at Mimi and Pop Pop's house.   Right when Mommy and Daddy were done eating we went back to our house for Nana, Grandpa, Auntie Kari, Uncle Matt, and the rest of the Schaab family joined us for dessert.  I got to stay up late to visit with everyone, but then Mommy and I read, Twas the Night Before Christmas before I went to sleep.  

When I woke up on Christmas morning Santa had come!   I was so excited to see all of my presents!   I especially loved the shiny bows and fun paper.  We then went to open presents with Mimi and Pop Pop and Auntie Libby, Uncle Matt, Auntie Tina, Uncle Mark, Auntie Jess, and Uncle Ben.   Then some of my great aunts came over along with great grandma and great grandpa for brunch.   It was a great morning and afternoon but I was excited to go home and rest after a very busy two days.    Mommy, Daddy, and I had some family time on Christmas Night which we all enjoyed. 

We had Grandpa, Nana, Auntie Kari, Uncle Jeremy, Uncle Matt, and Auntie Olivia over for lunch on the 26th for a belated Christmas.  We had a great time opening more presents!  My aunts and uncles really enjoyed playing with my new toys with me... Maybe even a little more than I did!

Look at all of the presents!

Santa brought me a tea set!  Now I can have a tea party!

My own musical table!   Hopefully it plays Usher!

The bows were SO MUCH FUN!

Mommy and Daddy bought be this beautiful locket that has an "L" on it.  I'll have to wait until I'm older to wear it.

Daddy loved this sweater Mommy bought him!

More legwarmers in my stocking... and a dolly!
I had a great first Christmas and I can't wait for next year!


  1. no mention of your Lila's favorite gift...the bath letters?

  2. Libby you are right... Lila LOVES her bath letters that are really anywhere letters! :)