Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Party 2009

Last night we had our annual pumpkin carving party which was kicked off by some of my homemade turkey and veggie lasagna, which I must say, tasted delicious. We then got into the dirty work of carving pumpkins. We had researched some fun designs before carving so most of us had something to guide us to our beautiful pumpkins. We had a blast, like always, and some of us were surprised more than others at our talents! Now my task for today is to make all of the pumpkin seeds!!!

Pumpkin Carving Party 2009

Kari & Jeremy's Pirate

Jason's Superman

Mike's Kool Aid Man - OH YEAH!

Terrell's 49ers Logo

Caroline's Blues Clues Puppy

Pumpkin Carving Party 2009

Barack My World - Michaela

The Tin Man - Shelli

Celestial Stars and Moon - Nancy

Free Hand Crazy Pumpkin Face - Lindsey

Group Shot

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marco Island!

Over Columbus Day weekend we headed to Marco Island for some much needed R & R. It was super relaxing hanging with Jason, Shelli, Michaela, and Tyrell. We had a great time like always and hated to come back home. Luckily, I'll be heading back in November...

Mike couldn't believe the fake butler had taken a spill...

Marco Sunset

Marco Sunset

Being in the sun all day is hard work and deserves a nap. In this pic you see Mike and Tyrell, don't worry Jason is napping in his bed. This is what the girls returned to after hitting the beach.

Group Shot at Nene's for breakfast!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Even more apple picking pictures

More Apple Picking Shots

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Tone Family

Biardo Family

Beautiful Barb

More Biardos

Hope and Caymus!

Apple Picking

We went apple picking early this morning with the Biardos and the Tones up to Oriole Springs Orchard in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. We arrived at the doughnut and cider shop around 9:30. Even though it was pretty chilly outside, there were still bees flying around. After a tasty snack, we headed out to pick apples. It's late in the picking season, so we focused on Golden and Red Delicious Apples, which were the last two to be "ready". After we were finished, we headed back to the snack shop to get some honey crisp apples, my favorite. Since these apples are so popular, they don't let you pick them. I did buy a 1/2 bushel though to enjoy along with my other apples! After apple picking we headed into Twin Lakes to have lunch at Mad Dan's. It was a fabulous day overall, despite losing my car keys between here and Twin Lakes!

Kuhr Group Shot

Jess & Ben

Libby & Matt

Tina & Mark
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Mike & Me