Sunday, January 9, 2011

7 months old

Age - 7 months old

No Height and Weight Check this month... we don't see the pediatrician until 9 months!

Diaper Size - 3

Clothing - Carter's 9 month fits the best...  but she's also wearing 6-12 month clothes too. We're also starting to use hair bows since her hair is getting longer!

Sleeping habits - Pretty much the same as the last few months.  We start our bed time routine around 6:30 p.m. after Lila has some "dinner".  After a bath and feeding Lila, we read three books, always ending with On the Night You Were Born. She is usually pretty sleepy and this month we only make it to the extra books 1/2 of the nights of the week!   She's still sleeping until anywhere in between 5:30-7:30 a.m.  Sometimes she's gotten up to visit, however she usually goes back down pretty easy.   She's also been sleeping with a warm air humidifier to keep her room warm and help keep her healthy too!  She takes 2-3 naps a day... depending on how she's feeling!  She also can nap anywhere!

Eating habits - Fruits, Veggies, Cereal, Oh My!   We are in full swing of the solid foods!  I've been making all of her fruits and veggies with the Beaba Baby Cook.  I've had to experiment with a lot of creating the right consistency for Lila but she's getting better about eating.   She like fruits more than veggies currently however I'm hoping that will change.   She's also still nursing and eating two bottles with Miss Sue.   She also is very excited about drinking water... especially when she gets to drink out of a glass.

Don't worry, it's just water.

Yum Yum
Favorite activity - "jumping" up and down and playing with mommy and daddy

Cutest Moment of the Month - Dancing.  In the car, in her bed, in her high chair.  She dances everywhere!   My favorite is in her car seat, sometimes she's really dancing while I'm driving!

  • 1st Christmas
  • 1st snow
  • Trying lots more foods!
  • Tons of talking... da da da da da da.... ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
  • Solid poop - stinky side of solid food
  • 1st time in the sand
  • 1st time in the Gulf of Mexico (not a fan of the cold water)
  • 1st New Years
  • 1st boat ride

I want to eat Pop Pop's hat

Toes in the Gulf of Mexico

Baby Shark and Baby Lila

I love to splash in the pool!

My first boat ride

Hanging with Daddy on the boat

I love the sand!

The sand feels so good in my fingers!

More Sand

Hmmm.... can I eat it?

Family Shot

We love our Lila!

Beach time!

Great vacation!


  1. Me too... and she loves you Lib! Can't wait to see you this weekend!