Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I received this from the owner of the studio where I do mommy baby yoga and where I did prenatal yoga... had to post it.  Thanks Anne!

This came in a yoga teacher newsletter I receive. Just had to pass it along, of course!

The world is not only at work (karma), it is also at play (lila). The Sanskrit word for play is lila. If karma says that everything happens for a reason, lila says that there is no reason, sometimes things just happen, sometimes we just have to receive. It is the openness, it is in being receptive that ANYTHING can happen. Lila is the invitation to the possibility that playtime doesn't have to end in our youth. The playground only expands with time.



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  1. LOVE THIS!!!! so beautiful! you should have it written up pretty and framed for her room! :)