Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

So as you can see above, I am plenty ready for the Halloween season.  We have lots of fun Halloween things from friends and family, as well as some things we picked out... including Halloween leg warmers!   So when we had planned on going to the pumpkin patch, we had lot of different pumpkin cute clothes to choose from to keep me warm...  however we didn't plan on the Indian Summer day it was today... but we loved it!!!

 At first, Grandpa picked out a pumpkin for me that was just my size.  I thought that it was like apple picking so I tried to eat it.

 Then, mommy and daddy put me in with the pumpkins... and they said I was the cutest pumpkin in the patch!   I was more interested in the grass than I was the pumpkins. 

Then, I stood up holding a pumpkin... I love being on my feet!

 I think this pumpkin we're sitting with was the one that Linus was waiting for...  Mommy read that story to me last night. 

The whole pumpkin picking crew...

 A beautiful fall picture with my Nana and Grandpa!

 Then we went inside and they had lots of fun crafts.  Mommy thought it would be cute for me to hold this and take a picture for Auntie Neener, she loves candy corn. 

 I can't believe I can't eat it.

 We wanted to buy this for Auntie Neener's lawn...  but she doesn't have one.   Nana bought us a big pumpkin that says our name on it for the front lawn... then there are three little ones that say all of our names... as soon as the construction is done outside, mommy will post a picture... they are SO CUTE!

I started to get a little sleepy so it was time to go... we didn't pull out of the parking lot before I fell asleep.  I had to rest up for Mommy Baby yoga this afternoon! 


  1. she sure is the cutest little pumpkin! AND SO HAPPY! I LOVE HER! What kind of construction are you doing?

  2. love it and love the shout out! ;) I bet she will like candy corn once she can eat it!!!

  3. Lib, they are tearing up the driveway this week and pouring concrete... Should look a lot nicer once they are all done. :) Tina, we'll see on the candy corn...