Monday, October 11, 2010

Lila's getting SO BIG!

Today was a special day since it was Columbus Day... which means I got to spend the whole day with Mommy!   We had an action packed morning filled with a doctor's appointment, Babies R Us trip, & Trader Joes.  Then we had over Meghan and Hailey for lunch.  Hailey is only three weeks old and made me look HUGE!   While Hailey was over and napping, I played in my rainforest.   I rolled over all by myself... making sure I got over my arm.  I haven't been rolling over a ton, however I felt like today I should show off for my younger friends...

After Meghan and Hailey left, Mommy and I headed out to Plainfield to see Auntie Kellie and my newest friend, Owen.  He is tiny too (When he was born he was 7 lbs 1 oz)!   He actually makes me look really big.  Look at the pictures!

Owen was just born on Friday, so of course I look bigger... I think mommy really realized hanging out with the other babies today that I'm growing up so fast... (sorry about the drool... I'm teething and LOVE to chew on everything and drool).

Once we got home today I was showing Daddy how I can roll over a lot easier... sometimes, my arm gets stuck, but I really try my best!   Tonight, I even surprised mommy and daddy by rolling over in my crib.  They thought if the turned me back over that I would say on my back... because "Back is Best".  Silly mommy and daddy... I wanted to be on my tummy!

Overall it was a fun day and I'm glad I had one extra mommy and me day!!!


  1. pretty soon she'll be crawling, then walking... and then all of a sudden she'll be getting married!!!! :)

  2. I love having columbus day off too!! Can't wait to see you this weekend Lila, you are still little to me!!

  3. I'll see you soon, Lila! Auntie Mere is coming w/ presents for both you and your little boyfriend, Owen!!