Sunday, October 31, 2010

5 Months Old!


Age - 5 months old

Weight -16  lbs. 1 1/2 oz. (80% percentile)

Height - 25 1/4 in. (85% percentile)

Diaper Size - 2

Clothing - Wearing mostly 6 month stuff and 3-6 month stuff.   A lot of Halloween outfits lately!

Sleeping habits - We start our bed time routine around 6:30 p.m.. After a bath and feeding Lila, we read three books, always ending with On the Night You Were Born. She is usually pretty sleepy!   This week she's sleeping until  about 5:30 a.m.   Mike and I still love watching her on our baby monitor before we go to bed.  She often flips over in her sleeping, moving between her belly and her back.   

Eating habits - Depending when she gets up, she nurses 1-2 times before going to Miss Sue's.  She has a 7-8 oz morning bottle with Miss Sue and a 4-5 oz afternoon bottle.   I nurse her right when we get home, then again before bed.  The doctor said we'll hold off on introducing cereal one more month since she's doing just fine with the breastmilk still. I'll already starting to look into what foods I'm going to make! 

Favorite activity - Rolling over (back and forth), giving kisses, staring out the window, playing in the rain forest.

Next year I'll get to trick or treat like the big kids!

Playing in the rain forest at a play date.  Andrew had a super cool monkey in his!  I LOVED it!

Cutest Moment of the Month -Her figuring out that she could roll over!  All she wants to do is roll over and she gets so excited when she does it.   She also has started "singing" along with us more and more... even though our songs are silly, she loves them!

Milestones - This was the month of the roll over...  Three weeks ago she started rolling over like a mad woman...  back to belly.   She's even been sleeping on her belly some nights, which the doctor assured us is okay.  This past week, she started going from her belly, back to her back.  It's really cute!  She just "throws" herself back.  She also gets frustrated if she can't roll back over.   She's also started sprouting more hair!   It's so soft, crazy, and cute!  We also were given the green light to experiment with a sippy cup with water... she's not too interested yet!   She also was on on the 10:00 p.m. news last night, her first television appearance!

I made the 10:00 p.m. news with Andrew and Amelia! How cool!


  1. Look at those cheeks in the last pic!! I didn't know she likes to look at the window- how cute!

  2. I love it all!!!!!! I especially LOVE LILA!!!
    xoxo, mimi B

  3. i love the pics of her looking out the window... i love it when she does that!

    sorry i missed you guys last night, but i'm glad i didn't get anyone else (esp miss lila) sick!!!!

    (and did you see my blog post yesterday? :))

  4. How fun to be reaching all these milestones! Halloween has to be one of the best times to be a mom and being able to dress up babies in ridiculously cute costumes!

  5. Thanks everyone! Ashley, soon it will be your turn!!!