Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mendenhall Glacial Float

Yesterday in Juneau, we went on a raft and "floated" through glacial water on a raft. It was a pretty awesome trip but since we were rafting through some rapids, we did get a lot of glacier water (32-34 degrees warm) in our raft so it did get pretty chilly. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery and houses on our ride. Today we just docked in Ketchikan, our last Alaskan port city. We're going kayaking in a little bit, and we are about to start layering up! Hopfully it will be
a little warmer today! Our boat is in Ketchikan until 6:00 pm then we're off to Vancouver, where we'll dock on Saturday and head home. I hope to post pictures today of out day before we leave. Have a fabulous day!!!!

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