Thursday, July 16, 2009

Heading to Alaska!

Mike and are very excited to be heading on an Alaskan Cruise tomorrow! We are flying with Jess & Ben to Anchorage tomorrow evening, then traveling to Whittier on Saturday, where our cruise will depart from and we'll meet up with my parents who are already there. Our cruise itinerary is packed with a lot of fun activities in the different places we will visit. On Tuesday, July 21st we'll be in Skagway Alaska where we'll be doing an Alaska Sled Dog & Musher's Camp. I have a feeling these dogs will be a little stronger than my buddy Wrigley. On Wednesday, July 22nd we'll be in Juneau where we'll be going on the Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip. I'm really excited about seeing this 12-mile-long glacier, which rises 150 feet above the water. On Thursday, July 23rd we'll be in Ketchikan where we'll be kayaking. I'm a little nervous that Mike and I might tip over... we don't have a good track record with water sports (Mike did flip me off a jet ski during a safety check). I'm hoping to blog our vacation here as well as keep you posted with pictures of this awesome 50th birthday celebration of Alaska and my mom! My parents have only been there a day and have been sending some pretty awesome pictures (see above). We can't wait to meet up with them on Saturday!

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  1. Looks like an amazing trip. I'l be anxious to hear about the highlights! Joani