Friday, July 24, 2009

Kayaking in Ketchikan

Yesterday we were Kayaking in Ketchikan. It was pretty rainy but we really enjoyed this physical workout along with the beautiful scenery, including Eagle Island where we saw a family of four Eagles! We also saw a lot of salmon jumping out of the water, almost landing on Mike and My boat! Our tour guide said that this was because the salmon were ready to "spawn" or mate. Ketchikan was a quaint little town that prided itself on how much rain it got! After our tour we waked around the city and found somewhere to have lunch, as well as found a yarn store for my mom. Today we are sailing to Vancouver, where we will disembark tomorrow and hop on our plane home. The boat was pretty choppy last night and today since we are traveling our farthest distance now. Today is a pretty chill day, just packing and relaxing!

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