Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Us!

Yesterday Mike and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! It's so hard to imagine that our wedding day was two years ago - and that it was so fun! We celebrated by going to our traditional date restaurant of Wildfire - bringing our favorite wine, B.R. Cohn Cabernet Sauvignon Silver Label and a replica of the top tier of our wedding cake. The funny part of that was, I meant the topper to be a surprise, except these was some miscommunication with the hostess and the wait staff, so the surprise was ruined when I had to tell the waitress about it after she brought us a "special" ice cream dessert. It actually turned out to be quite comical, because we watched the cake be carried around the restaurant because they weren't sure who it belonged to before we flagged it down. After dinner watched our wedding video - both the highlight video and most of the reception. The Furla video is such a great memory that we are SO GLAD we did.
We also exchanged some anniversary gifts, which we have tried to keep with the traditional theme. Apparently, by the time a couple celebrates their second anniversary, they are more cozy with one another, making cotton the appropriate anniversary gift. Cotton is a durable, versatile and highly flexible material. These are the qualities of the couple in a successful marriage. Moreover, cotton symbolizes great prosperity. Sadly, Mike and I struggled with the cotton theme... although the "modern" gift is China, which is much better (so I thought). I stuck with cotton and got Mike a basket full of cotton as you see below. My favorite being the "Husband of the Year" pillowcases, which was a real runaround! Mike went with the China theme, and bought me a cute little heart jewelry box that was "Made in China" along with a blue box from Tiffany's that had a beautiful heart necklace in it. All in all it was a great anniversary and Mike and I are looking forward to our 3rd year of marriage together!

Raspberry Anniversary Muffins

Wedding Cake Top - remade

Mike's China gift to me

My Cotton gift to Mike

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