Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My first time in the pool!

It's my first time in Florida... and I get to go swimming!  Mommy and Daddy were very excited to see how I would like the pool since I LOVE bath time.   My first time was a success!  I LOVED it!  The only think I didn't like so much was getting out of the water. 

 Swim Diaper On!

 Family Shot Getting Ready to Swim!

 Testing out the water...

 We're in!

 I'm swimming!

 It's a success!  I love the pool!

 I even have a sweet floatie!  I'm a little small for it, but with Mommy and Daddy's help I can sit in it!

  All bundled up after a swim!

 After all of that swimming I needed a nap...

So did Daddy!

Here's a lengthy 5 minute video of my first time in the pool... I start doing more exciting things around 3 minutes! :)

Lila's Swimming Debut
(click on the link to go to my You Tube Video)

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