Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday to Lila!

Mom, I don't want to pose, I want to play with my blocks!

Age - 6 months old

Weight -17  lbs. (75% percentile)

Height - 26 in. (75% percentile)

Diaper Size - 3

Clothing - Carter's 9 month fits the best...  but she's also wearing 6-12 month clothes too.

Sleeping habits - Pretty much the same as the last few months.  We start our bed time routine around 6:30 p.m. after Lila has some "dinner".  After a bath and feeding Lila, we read three books, always ending with On the Night You Were Born. She is usually pretty sleepy!   She's still sleeping until anywhere in between 5:30-7:30 a.m.   We also had to drop her crib lower because her pediatrician was worried that since she's getting so strong, she may start climbing soon!

Eating habits - We've just started solids so we're working on a new routine.  Right now she's eating before her morning feeding, and then in the evening about a 1/2 hour before bed & bath time.   She's loving both we've tried so far, organic brown rice and oatmeal.   This weekend I'm planning on making some sweet potatoes and perhaps having her try some bananas.  I also have some apples in the freezer from picking earlier in the year.   So far she's loving the solid foods!

Favorite activity - SWIMMING!   She loved the pool!  She also is a HUGE fan of her "new" Exersaucer, which is on loan from the Tefkas.  Thanks Paige and Addison!

Cutest Moment of the Month - Swimming in the pool.  She loved the water and loved the Florida weather!


  • First Airplane Ride
  • Sitting (even though sometimes she's a little wobbly)
  • Eating solid foods (even thought it's only been a few days)
  • First Vacation 
  • Dropping her crib
  • Lots of Babbling!   
  • Lila's 1st Thanksgiving!
  • We also went to Candy Cane lane in Park Ridge to see Santa come into town on a fire truck!  We didn't get to visit with him because it was my bedtime.

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  1. Because you are such a happy baby I know you had a happy half birthday! see you this weekend!!!