Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Landed in Florida!

I did really well on the flight!  I was a little fussy once it was time to start going, but I was just hungry!  Luckliy, Mommy fed me right as the plane was taking off.  I was very interested in everything going on around me so I didn't want to fall asleep right away.  After checking out all of the new surroundings on the plane, I fell asleep, which I stayed for most of the flight!

Once we got to Fort Meyers, we had to wait for my car seat and stroller, then head down to pick up our bag.   Then we got in the car and headed to Mimi and Pop Pop's condo!

Once we visited with Mimi and Pop pop for a few minutes, it was long past my bedtime and so I went to bed!    I have such cool room mates in Marco... my Mom and Dad!

Stay tuned for pictures of me in the pool!!!

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