Monday, December 28, 2009

New Stubborn Baby Pics

Today was Baby Schaab's 19 week visit to Dr. Ashby. Dr. Ashby got caught up in a delivery at Evanston, so she was running late. Baby Schaab was not happy when she finally got there, and we didn't get many good pictures. Dr. Ashby said she looked good, even if she wasn't cooperating. I'm going back on January 18th for measurements of the baby with Theresa, the ultrasound tech. Also, a new part of my visit today was measuring my belly. Today my belly was measuring a week and a half ahead, however they will confirm this at our next appointment when the measure the baby. It's not from too much weight gain because I'm right on track there... if not a little under. Dr. Ashby said be ready to really start gaining as the baby is starting to grow fast! Take a look at the few pics we got today! :)

Baby Schaab's Heartbeat = 140 bpm

Baby Schaab's feet

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  1. Those cute tiny baby feet! I knew I should have purchased those tiny Havianna flip flops for BG Schaab! XO, MHT