Sunday, August 29, 2010

3 Month Photo Shoot!

Today we had our three month photo shoot with Edith.  Lila tried on many outfits before Edith arrived...  We even managed to try on a pair of sunglasses!  Once I get more pictures from Edith, I'll post them...   the top two were just a tease she posted on Facebook.

It was a fun day, but we're all exhausted.

We also moved back home and started unpacking into our new kitchen!    More pics to come once the counters are installed... we can't wait!  

We have a very busy week.  Lila's three month check up is on Tuesday and we have Auntie Neener's Wedding this weekend.   Lila's gearing up for her flower girl duties. 

Lila starts going to a babysitter tomorrow... hopefully Mommy Caroline can hold it together.  


  1. obsessed obsessed obsessed..... LOVE THESE PICS!

  2. She is so beautiful!!!!!! xo, mimi bee

  3. Me too!!! I can't wait for the rest. Hopefully by the end of the week!