Friday, November 20, 2009

Telling my class...

Today started off with the above left on my students' desks when they walked in this morning... Let me tell you, their reactions were priceless. As they arrived, they just looked at the paper as it was a new morning work... when they took a closer look, they loved that I had a secret and were challenging them to figure it out. You would of thought that the babies at the top would of given it away, but no. The first student who figured it out squealed, but then quickly turned his paper over so no one could see. As they figured it out, smiles spread across their faces. After announcements I asked them if they decoded the message to read it on the count of three... 1...2...3... Mrs. Schaab's having a baby! Baby Schaab's Estimated Arrival is May 24, 2010. They were all so excited. A few of the May babies in my class were hoping that Baby Schaab would born on their birthday. I also sent out an e-mail to my parents at lunch and have recieved nothing but postive well wishes and a lot of, "we had our suspicions after conferences, you were simply glowing". So now the cat's offically out of the bag! :)

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