Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lila's First Haircut

Last weekend we took Lila for her first haircut.  She was starting to look like Carol Brady with her long locks in the back!  She did really well with the hair cut and had no tears!!!


Mom, do you have tip money?

My long, curly tail.

I'm not too sure about this...

I got to sit in a fire truck!

And I sat really still while she was cutting my hair.

I could even look in the mirror when they were cutting my hair!

So pretty!

What's going on over here?

I wanted to check in with my mom.

Mommy read me a book while they cut the back of my hair.

I paid really good attention so that she could cut my back straight.

Almost done!

Just finishing up!

Checking out my new haircut!

All done!!!!

Look at my new bob!
The back feels so nice!

So pretty!

Nice and clean!

Want an apple slice?


  1. love this post, especially the end! good job Lila! Love Auntie Lib