Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Easter 2011

It was egg-cellent!  Yesterday, we celebrated at Lamb's Farm with Daddy's side of the family.  Click here to see Auntie Kari's pictures on Facebook.   We had beautiful weather and it was a fun outing that included meeting the Easter Bunny (post below).     Last night, we also dyed Easter Eggs!   I got to put two eggs in the dye of my choice... and got a little dye on my hand.

Today, we went to church with Mimi, Pop Pop, Auntie Libby, The Lewis Family, & The Matas.  I was very social with everyone that I'm sure no one in church knew who I belonged to!   I just kept moving around so everyone could hold me.   I also make sure to wave at everyone and show off my teeth.   I lasted almost the whole mass!   Mommy and I had to leave before the last song was over because I was VERY TIRED... church cuts into my nap time!   Don't worry, I made up for it in the car.

Then we went to brunch with Mommy's side of the family.  We had a fantastic time and we ran into Auntie Mary HT who took some beautiful photos of us!   Mommy and Daddy shared some of their lunch with me and Pop Pop even shared some yummy vanilla ice cream!   It was so tasty!  We then came home and had nap time, except Daddy napped the longest, and I took a cat nap!    It was a super fun day with some super fun surprises... I had no idea that the Easter Bunny brings presents!!!

I wanted to sit in my Easter Basket

Kuhr Family Shot

The Schaab Family

Look!  I can stand!  Maybe should I walk?

No walking for me... I'll squat down.

Mommy & Me
Pop Pop and I with the bunny ice sculpture!  It was cold!

Ice Cold!

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