Monday, September 7, 2009

Yes to Carrots and Tye Dye

Today my mom and I had a Yes to Carrots and Tye Dye party at my mom's house. We started off with a delicious breakfast of ham and veggie strata, fruit coffee cake, carrot banana muffins, and fruit salad. We also tried some carrot juice - however I think I'll just stick to using carrot products, not drinking carrot juice. After we discussed Yes to Carrots over breakfast, we cleaned up and moved to Tye Dying! Everyone had a few things (or more than a few) to tye dye. We even checked up a few patterns online which helped us out big time! Then we got to dying, which we ended up having a blast with! The little boys next door even came over in their undies and dyed their own shirts! We could hardly wait to unwrap our whites, and once we did we were in awe of our great work! I'm ready for our next tye dye party! After clean up and hosing down our beautiful artwork, we pampered our hands with some Yes to Carrots Hand and Nail Spa! What a fabulous Labor Day morning!

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