Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mini Surgery Day

So today I had to have my part of my big toenail removed due to last week's run (or lack there of) in with Mary B.'s bottom concrete stair. I was squeezing this little procedure in today between teaching a class this morning and a meeting at school this afternoon. Luckily, my wonderful mother was able to accompany me to the podiatrist office. When we got there, we were taken into the back surgery room which was a sterile and scary environment. Dr. H came in and gave me a couple shots of something in my foot to make in numb. The shots hurt like crazy, but way better than what was to come without the numbing. I totally thought all it was going to be was a minor clip, toe nail off... but the amount of skin I ripped was unreal. After the toenail was off, he started stitching together the skin above the toe with something the resembled a fish hook. My skin wasn't all together cooperating, so it took a little bit longer. After a lot of blood, 4 stitches, a few steri strips, and a ton a gauze, I was all finished and ready to go to my meeting. Luckily, my new team mate, Lindsey, made some cupcakes, because cupcakes make everything better! Little did I know that more cupcakes would be coming from Hope and Mary! Thanks to everyone who was nice to me today, even though instead of crabby, I was LOOPY and kind of spacy! No pain meds however, just oral and cream for antibiotics. I'm really hoping I'll be able to drive tomorrow and walk a little better than today. I go for a follow up with Dr. H on Friday. I'm sure I'll keep you posted. :)My foot pre surgery

Dr. H working on my foot

In the middle of stiches

Beautiful cupcakes make by Lindsey (even the chocolate butterfly)

Keeping my foot up watching T.V. and relaxing

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